Stop Banging Blinds

A simple solution to an annoying problem, Blind Hushers™ will simply and easily silence blinds banging in the wind, so you can work, relax and sleep in peace and quiet!

The solution to banging blinds

Blind Hushers are clips made entirely of foam that you can apply to the base rail of most roller or roman blinds. The foam acts as a cushion to absorb the annoying bang of blinds swinging in the breeze.

Enjoy fresh air and quiet

Blind Hushers can be fitted to the base rail of your blind wherever your blind bangs against the window or door frame. They will snugly fit most roller and roman blinds, will allow you to lower your blind to any desired height and won’t harm your blinds - so you can enjoy fresh air, privacy and quiet.

Easy to fit and remove

The profile of the Blind Husher will hardly be noticed but they can be easily removed. Durable and flexible, your Blind Husher can be used over and over again – so clip them on whenever your blinds are banging to enjoy peace and quiet.

Works at any height

Blind Hushers can be positioned at any point along the base rail of your blind and will allow you to lower your blind to any desired height.

Fits most blind types and sizes

The Blind Husher has been designed to grip the base rail of most roller and roman blinds. It will softly and firmly grip most circular and elliptical (i.e. tear drop) shaped base rails. Blind Hushers have been found to work better on larger and thicker rails or narrow, flat rails. They may not grip as well on small, round rails (<15mm diameter).

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What our customers say

Fast postage, super cool product, very happy with my purchase. AAA +++

Diane, VIC

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Love the Blind Hushers. I can now leave my bedroom window open at night.

Hilda, Longwarry, VIC

These do actually work. Happy with purchase and fast shipping

Shelley, VIC