Blind Hushers are the simple solution we’ve all be searching for to silence banging blinds.

Blind Hushers are clips made entirely of foam you can apply to the base rail of your roller or roman blind wherever your blind bangs against the window or door frame. The foam acts as a cushion to absorb the annoying bang of blinds swinging in the wind.

Why choose a Blind Husher?

By clipping on your removable Blind Husher you won’t need to use any of the home based improvisations that have never quite given you the peace and quiet you’ve yearned for. As inventive as pillows, socks, tissue boxes, double sided tape and blue-tac have been, they either fall off or harm your blinds. None of them look real pretty either meaning you chose between the beauty of your home decor or silence.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible positioning

    They can be positioned at any point along the base rail of your blind – slide the Blind Husher to wherever your blind hits a window or door frame.

  • More privacy and increased sunlight

    You can lower your blind to any desired height meaning you don’t have to choose between more privacy or increased sunlight.

  • Blends into its surroundings

    The sleek profile of the Blind Husher will hardly be noticed and can be easily removed whenever they’re not needed.

  • Durable

    Blind Hushers are durable and won’t lose shape so you can move them from room to room and use them again and again. The soft material of the Blind Husher is designed to grip in even strong breezes.

  • No adhesives or screws

    As Blind Hushers clip on to your blind without adhesive or screws they won’t damage your blind if you forget they are there and can be used even if you have security or fly screens.

  • Recyclable and Non-Toxic

    Blind Hushers are made of non-toxic polyethylene and can be recycled in your council recycling bins.

Blind Hushers will silence banging blinds simply and easily, so you and your family can work, relax and sleep in peace and quiet.

Fits most blind types and sizes

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What our customers say

Fast postage, super cool product, very happy with my purchase. AAA +++

Diane, VIC

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Love the Blind Hushers. I can now leave my bedroom window open at night.

Hilda, Longwarry, VIC

These do actually work. Happy with purchase and fast shipping

Shelley, VIC