Our Story

Blind Hushers has been a journey of discovery for a husband and wife team in Melbourne, Australia.

After re-decorating their home with the sleek look of roman and roller blinds they discovered to their horror that the bang of their blinds was driving them crazy. Extensive research on the web didn’t offer up any meaningful solution – the best offerings were everything they had already tried including socks, tissue boxes and pillows. Not a good look and definitely not a useful solution.

And then the Blind Husher was created...

One summer they hit upon the idea of creating a foam clip and fashioned one out of packaging foam. It worked amazingly. Funnily enough, though, it took them over two months of peace and quiet to realise they may just have hit upon an idea that others would benefit from

From that point on, Blinds Hushers became a mission. Over the next 12 months, they explored various materials and shapes (with many, many false starts along the way!) and finally designed the revolutionary Blind Husher.

We hope you enjoy your Blind Hushers in the peace and quiet of your home or office. Be sure to tell others about your Blind Hushers discovery – they’ll be eternally grateful!

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What our customers say

Fast postage, super cool product, very happy with my purchase. AAA +++

Diane, VIC

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Love the Blind Hushers. I can now leave my bedroom window open at night.

Hilda, Longwarry, VIC

These do actually work. Happy with purchase and fast shipping

Shelley, VIC